Soul Karma Bong

Soul Karma Bong

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Black Soul Glass 9mm Thick Clear Glass Beaker Bong 18 Inches.



-Embossed With Soul Glass Logo

-100% Borosilicate Glass

-Extra Thick Female Joint

-Flat Mouth Piece

-Ice Catcher


1x 9mm Thick Clear Beaker Bong

- 1x19mm Clear Downsteam

- 1x 14mm Clear pullout Bowl

Designed In Canada

Height: 18 Inches
Weight: 1.39 Kg
Thickness: 9mm
Available Colors: Black
Sizes: 18 Inches
Brand: Soul Glass
Display/Box: Single
Joint Size: 14mm
Ice: Yes
Material: 100% Borosilicate
Shape: Beaker
Usage: Bong
Master Cartoon Qty: 6